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[pct-l] Re: Film

Try developing at Costco - $5 gets you 2X 4X6 prints for a 36 roll on Kodak paper
that looks way better than the $20 job my local photo store does.  Jen and I shot
72 rolls on the trail last year (I shot a lot 'cuz I knew it would be cheap to
develop and I am of the school that only a few shots off each roll are truly

One advantage of prints for us has been the ease of taking our album everywhere to
show family and friends without the hassle of setting up slides, BUT, I do have
some prints that I know would be sensational projected on Grandma's big white wall.

ps.  shoot a lot of people/action pictures - after a year, these are our favorites
to look at!

-David Ferguson (of Dave & Jen '97)

Beth Murdock wrote:

> Would previous PCT hikers please share their opinions and experience
> regarding slide vs print film, Kodak vs Fuji, where to have film
> processed, how many rolls needed for the entire trip, etc.

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