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[pct-l] fishing

I am going to be hiking the PCT between Tahoe and Yosemit this summer. 
I have never hiked in this region before, but have gone on many 200+
milers in TX, NM, CO, AK.  By looking at the map, there seems to be lots
of lakes, rivers, steams, tributaries, etc.
        Will I be able to count on catching fish to eat?  I do not know
how to
fly fish(growing up and living in TX, doesn't require this skill).  Will
this be a problem?  I mean, can I use other methods of fishing, such as
spoon lures and other artificial bait? Or will I be just wasting my time
and carrying extra weight?

I would appreciate any comments ya'll have on this subject.  thanks 
very much.

Dude Spellings
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