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[pct-l] trail(?) story

I posted this a few months ago but I think its still fun. So in response to 
the request for stories, here goes.

  "Lesson 1: Always Bring a Flashlight"

On my '82 thru-hike, I had a lay-over at Stehekin. I was directed to the 
backpacker's campsites on the hill. Set-up camp and thought I'd wander down 
to the restaurant for dinner, in the late afternoon. I met a person at the 
restaurant who I had a long dinner conversation with. I couldn't turn-down 
his offers of keeping my wine glass full. By the time I left the restaurant, 
I was feeling pretty good, as it was the first alcohol I had consumed during 
the entire trip. I headed back down the road to the camp. Realizing I had 
forgotten my flashlight, I groped around the hill in the dark trying to find 
my tent. No luck. No doubt, I felt pretty stupid. After a half hour of 
unsuccessful hunting I headed back down to the road.

For whatever reason, too much pride perhaps, I didn't go back to the 
restaurant to request help in finding the site. Along the way, I passed by 
the building that housed the laundry room and showers, below what might have 
been housing for employees.
With nothing much more than long pants and a pile jacket for warmth, I tried 
sleeping on the wooden grate in the shower. With not enough room to 
stretch-out on the cold floor, I tried sleeping on top of the washer and 
dryer. Those became just as cold. Some partying was going on upstairs and I 
thought for sure someone was going to walk in and find me there. No one ever 
did, but I never got any sleep.
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