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[pct-l] Snow survey pages

Just back from bumbling about on the snow pages for California, and finding
myself just a tad confused.  There appear to be a least two different sources,
or at least compilations, of data.  The one from SNOTEL lists above average
precip levels for the three state quadrants - North, Central, and South,
with a total statewide average of 160% + normal as of today.  But the DWR -
Cal Dept. of Water Resources listing, seems to conflict with this, if I'm
reading it right.  This DWR list is the one referred to in the PCT Data Book
in its Snow Depth Measurements section.  In it, an average snow depth for
April 1 at, for example, Bishop Pass, is 92.3 inches.  BUT, on the DWR list
as of today, April 4, we find a "raw snow" depth of only about 45 inches.
An average depth at Tuolomne, says the Data Book, is 60.8 inches.  Again,
the DWR list says there is only 35.16 inches on the ground today.  These
figures are substantially BELOW average for the date.
  So, am I reading the numbers wrong?  Are these low figures actually just
the water equivalent in the snow?  Does "raw snow" mean something different?
Something seems afoul because the numbers for raw snow and water equivalency
are just about the same for any given date.  Somebody help me out here!
- Blister>
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