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[pct-l] Sierra snow report/tough talk

On Thu, 02 Apr 1998 21:02:50 -0800 Brick Robbins writes:>Got this in the
mail today. >The guy even issued a death threat. >Anyone have any ideas
on what sort of action, if any should be taken on this?        >>I just
wanted to make a comment to the websit article I just recently read.
[snip]        >>I found this very offensive and it honestly pissed me
off.  if I ever catch any        >>of you wimps stretching barb wire
across our trails, then dont expect to make it         >>out ot the woods
alive.  Brick, I don't remember seeing such a post to the List - why are
you passing it on? Since the fellow's only expressed his wish for a bad
fate to anyone who would commit acts of violent sabotage, I'm puzzled as
to why you feel threatened personally.    The impression given is that
_you_ posted a "death threat" (to string barbed-wire across trails - how
horrible!) on a website, and this guy privately-emailed you his
shock/anger, in the tough-guy language one often sees on the 'net
nowadays. It looks like you're trying to enlist allies (or soldiers) in a
flame-war or worse with an individual who merely  wrote one heated
protest  (and mentions he packs out trash/cleans up fire rings - good for
him, BTW). As far as his nom-de-net "Scar" -  what's so offensive (or
scary - jeez) about that?
    As you know, I'm a card-carrying tree-hugger from wayback, with no
great love for ATVs either, but if _I_ catch anybody-at-all pulling
dangerous stunts like wire-stringing, they're gonna wish Scar had got to
"em first! Any of you guys think booby-trapping the backcountry is
joke-material (for shame!) should re-direct your "action" from this list
and talk to me; I'll do my best to straighten you out.  That's _real_
Tough Talk and I mean it!

....Golly, I take a quickie Sierra backpack, and come back to this
creepiness; I shoulda stayed up in the snow (but it was to-o-o cold,
brrrrrr!) Actually, days were much warmer than I expected, considering
the cloud cover,  but it snowed every day and _seemed_ even a bit deeper
than last month (at 9,000'). Creeks are starting to flow a bit now, so
all the waterfalls should be spectacular later (as are the wildflowers,
which virtually blanket  low-elevation areas in the valley!).
   The Horseshoe Meadow Road (Cottonwood Pass/Lone Pine) is closed at the
gate (about 1/3 way up?) not only due to snow, but a massive
avalanche/rockslide that has turned a sizeable road-section into a big
hole. FS/Inyo Co Highway Dept say melodramatically that the road is
"gone", but that's an exaggeration of course; nevertheless, it may not be
open 'till Memorial Dayish - or later, depending on the continuing
storms, according to them. To get an idea of east Sierra conditions: the
lower CG on the Whitney Rd (6000') was to open yesterday, but the ranger
needed 4WD to even reach it,  had great difficulty getting back out, and
said it was far too cold up there to be able to turn on the water. The
road to Portal is scheduled to open May 22, but nobody seems to be
confident that'll be possible. Road thats are normally kept open (like
Glacier, from Big Pine) are being plowed sporadically, as one storm after
another undoes all the previous road-work.
    Far Out, as we say in CA; don't forget to bring your cameras!       

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