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[pct-l] snow

More snow for the lagunas tomorow. There is already more than a foot on the
ground. This is VERY unusual for San Diego......

Looking at the Sierra, Upper Tyndall Creek snow survey station is showing
48 inches of water content in the snow there, and it is still increasing.
The high temp ther today was 25F, so there would have been no melt. The FAQ
says that late season snow density is usually about 50%, so this represents
at least 8 feet of snow on the PCT at 11500 ft.

The yearly averages are taken on 1 April so we can see how this year is
doing. In the Kings and Kern Watersheds here are % of average for some
stations along the trail from 

   Bishop Pass     134%   
   Charlotte Lake      168%  
   Upper Tyndall Creek 173%  

Here are the yearly snow depth measured on Bighorn Plateau (between Whitney
and Forester Pass) for all the years since 1968. Note that these are actual
snow depths in inches, not water content. This data was found on
http://monsoon.water.ca.gov/cgi-bin/snowQuery with a course number of 250.
You can see that '83 and '86 had more snow than this year and we have amost
the same ammount as in '95

Apr-68	46.9
Apr-69	123.7
Apr-70	45.6
Apr-71	44
Apr-72	21.3
Apr-73	90.4
Apr-74	71.9
Apr-75	59.4
Apr-76	19.9
Apr-77	17.4
Apr-78	102
Apr-79	69.3
Apr-80	97.9
Apr-81	51.4
Apr-82	89.7
Apr-83	133.7
Apr-84	56.6
Apr-85	54.3
Apr-86	109.6
Apr-87	35.6
Apr-88	28.1
Apr-89	43.6
Apr-90	23.7
Apr-91	67.3
Apr-92	37.3
Apr-93	90.7
Apr-94	41.1
Apr-95	96.4
Apr-96	70.1
Apr-97	68.4
Apr-98	99

The snowmelt forcast for the kern river is predicticting the peak run off
27 May for the Kern and 3 June for the Kings
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