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[pct-l] Ray Thoughts/ Frayed Threads / Snakes

>Who's Ray Jardine?

I think Ray is the guy who in 1973 dreamed of hiking a trail from Mexico to
Canada.  At that time there was no hiking trail from Mexico to Canada.  So
in 1973 he built a time machine which he designed on a CAD program (which he
wrote himeslf) using a computer, which he built himself.  He traveled back
in time to 1920.  He lobbied congress to get funding started for a "Pacific
Crest Trail".  (In an earlier life he played a divine role in causing
several continental plates to collide and create the Cascades and Sierra
Nevadas.).  Anyway, he came back to the present and hiked the trail a few
times and wrote a couple books.

(Ok ok, I'm just poking fun....cause I read Ray's bio on his Web Page.)

The dirt bike post remindes me of the Marlboro Man flame war on this
list...way back in early 1995.  Is Marlboro Man still on this list?  For
those of you that don't know, he was an individual who was pro-horse and
anti-hiker, and got everyone on this list up in arms.  The only difference
from the dirt biker is that MM would write to the list everyday.

One subject on this list that hasn't shedded its skin yet (pun intended), is
the subject of rattlesnakes.  I only ever saw 2 on the entire trail, but
then again, I did the desert in November.  I don't mind them, even though
they still spook me when I first see them.  Speaking of Ray's book, the
rattlesnakes I've seen do not "dodge the salvos" you throw at them.  They
just sit there buzzing, wondering what the hell you are doing throwing
pebbles at them.  Does anyone still wear those snake chaps...or have those
fallen by the wayside?


p.s. Is Sasha Zimmerman still on this list?  I haven't heard from her since
I met her on the trail near Mt. Hood.

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