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[pct-l] re: waterproofing

Steph writes:

...Does anyone have a recommendation on a more full-proof
system of waterproofing? 

A few months ago, Backpacker magazine did a review on waterproofing 
materials on boots. I don't recall the month, but its the issue 
(appropriately enough) with the boots on the cover. They put all the most 
commonly available waterproofing treatments to the test. What shook out was 
based on durability of the treatment to flexing and subsequent immersion in 
water. It appeared the winners were Tectron spray and Nixwax Aqueous wax 
brush-on paste. There's several variations of the Nixwax treatments. Perhaps 
the one you got wasn't one of the top-rated treatments or you were in a 
wetter than average environment(I've seen pictures of those boggy portages! 
One Nixwak product ranked low, like their tests of Snowseal, Biwell, 

The author recommended a bi-component plan of attack. First two coats of the 
Tectron Spray (with recommended drying time between coats)and Nixwax Aqueos 
Wax for field touch-up. I purchased a pair of boots
last weekend (yes, the guy with the blown-out ankles finally settles on some,
'98 Asolo Globalines, heck, they're lighter than my old Asolo Yukons). Prior 
to applying the Tectron, I applied a coat of REI's seam lock (?) on the 
stitching of the uppers. I've heard conflicting opinions regarding this 
stuff, such as "leads to premature stitching failure". I don't know if this 
is necessarily true.
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