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RE: [pct-l] re-waterproofing

There are two answers:

1.	The short one: You wont be able to keep leather boots dry, use
sneakers in stead. They dry faster.
2.	The long one: You can get leather boots fairly waterproof. You
really have to try hard. Here's a few points: 
*	The boots might have been "destroyed". There are a lot of
options. Too much heat, seams and/or glue has come slightly apart etc.
*	If you're reasonably sure nothing major is wrong then there's a
good chance of getting them waterproof. It just takes a lot of work.
Pick a good waterproofing. Backpacker had a test a while ago, don't
remember which one won, but maybe someone on the list does.
*	I've used a lot of Kiwi Wetpruf and similar types (they all did
fairly bad in that test). I've still managed to keep boots dry in week
with snow. Treat them every night. If you've had several dry days on
easy trail (no snow/wet grass) then you might want to skip a night or
two. If you got really bad conditions like a lot of wet snow or wet
terrain (don't know the correct word for that) even treating the boots
every night wont keep them from getting damp inside and wearing the
treatment off the outside.
*	There is one solution. Super Gaiters. Even ordinary gaiters
help, but the ones that cover the whole boots really work. They are
heavy, expensive and wears out, so they're not answer to all questions.


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	I've beeen listening in for awhile and have gained a lot from
	questions and postings. Now I have a question of my own...
	Last summer I wore a pair of boots (waterproofed 3-4 times with
	nik-something??) through Oregon on the PCT and by the second
hour of snow
	they were soaked through. My feet never dried. My boots are
still in fair
	condition for this summer.(I'll be in Minnesota, Boundary Waters
area this
	time== more water!!)  Does anyone have a recomendation on a more
	system of waterproofing? 
	Thanks and happy hiking!!

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