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[pct-l] Re: trail journals

For all those PCT '98 thru-hikers:

If you want an idea of what the first couple weeks might be like, you should
check out trailplace.com and read the journals for the AT class of '98.  I
think these give a good impression of why it is important to have a
lightweight pack and be in good shape BEFORE you head out on the PCT from
Campo.  In particular, check out the Solemates, Ultralite, and Odysseus.  I'll
let you draw your own conclusions.  I know that the AT and PCT are very
different (it's rainy and cold on the AT right now for instance), but I think
it gives the flavor of some aspects of a thru-hike and trail life in general.
Also, there's a hilarious story on planning and attempting to thru-hike the AT
in the latest edition of Outside magazine.

Jeremy Rice
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