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[pct-l] Re: Lightweight SLR cameras?

>I've been using standard (and lightweight) instamatic style cameras, the 
>past few years, in an effort to reduce pack weight. I've been generally 
>disatisfied with the pictures though. They never had the clarity of those 
>taken with my old SLR. Any ideas out there for a lightweight SLR. I'm 
>narrowing my search to a fully manual camera. It's my understanding that 
>there is less electronics to fail, less battery drain and are more 
>dependable in colder weather. 


Being a crazy nature photographer (I take my 10 lbs Mamiya 67 system on
all of my backpacking trips), I would suggest 2 things:
1) Use camera support!!!!! This is your best chance to get sharper
2) SLR or not SLR: does not matter, what really matters is optical
of the lens. I second Jim's choice of Yashica T4 which is lightweight
and has an excellent Zeiss taking lens. Avoid cheap zoom lenses at all
costs: their optical quality sucks. If you want to really go high-end
(with cost implications of course), buy a used Leica rangefinder
and a couple of fixed focus lenses. And, of course, if you really
want quality images, there always is medium format (that's what I use).
The prices here go up significantly, the cheapest (and relatively
light-weight) chioce for scenic images is Fuji GW67 or 69 rangefinders
(slightly over $1000 new, you may find cheper ones in a used domain).
Hope this helps, and don't hesitate to ask me directly if you
find the topic confusing... Good luck with your photography.
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