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[pct-l] trail grade of PCT affecting milage wrt AT

Hey Blister>Free,

>I'm sure you'll get plenty of responses, so let me be brief and echo what
will be the consensus I figure - "Yes."

Yup you were right.  3 emphatic yes responses.  No "NO"s and 1 semi
off-subject response.
So that makes it 3-0 in favor.  Anyway the responses I received were
excellent and does confirm what I gathered about the PCT gradewise and
toughness wise.  Trading trail toughness for more sinister and challenging
types of toughness.  It appears to be a very different type of long distance
hike than the AT.  Not as terrain tough but tougher in a much more subtle
way - distance to water, types of environment, snow and fords and more
importantly more solitude.  The AT was much more social.  I look forward to
putting myself in granny gear on the PCT sometime in the near? future.

Kenneth "Fire Marshal" Hee

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