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[pct-l] Re: The Mojave Experience

On March 8th, Digest #413, William Speers wrote:

     "...I'm reading a book on the California deserts.  It says that in April
and May there are strong consistent winds blowing....    Does anyone on this
line have any thoughts with regard to the existence of such winds and the
effect they would have on a hiker along the southern PCT?" 

     Yes, the winds do blow in those parts, as others have reminded us.  My
son and I enjoyed the Mojave experience last year.  Thinking back through that
journey and remembering our daily challenges, I would like to invite William
and other '98ers who are, about now, deep in the planning/worrying process, to
take a short break and just relish the adventure they are preparing for.  You
asked for our thoughts:  

                                         NO SAVVY, MOJAVE

Words by TrailDad          

1.  Congress said build a Pacific Crest Trail.
     Make it follow the crest.  Yes, the CREST --  without fail.          

     They followed their vision and planned mile by mile.
     "It's not going through here," said Tejon with a smile.


     Thank you, Tejon, this is some compromise,
     You get range for your cows, I get sand in my eyes.

     This desert's not the backbone of the west.
     No savvy, Mojave, this isn't the Crest!

2.  I'm thirsty and hot, sun's pounding my back.
     I'm hauling twelve pounds of bad water in my pack.

     This trail runs dead straight till the sand meets the sky.
     Can't see where I'm going for the grit in my eye.

3.  We had lunch in the shade of a Joshua tree.
     A siesta was nice till the sun moved and found me.

     Now we're bucking a headwind a tired cow could lean on, 
     To camp and find water in Tylerhorse Canyon.

4.  The Los Angeles pipe is not an attraction,
     For those who look forward to wilderness action.

     These people come here from France and Australia,
     To travel our high road, to gaze on America. 
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