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[pct-l] Tent Vs. No Tent

	I a planning a thru hike of Oregon and Washington next summer.  I
only have June- August avaliable before school starts.  My two questions
are this.  First, what is a reasonible time frame for the hike.  I will
include a layover day at the resupply points and 3-4 days for day trips up
to other points.  We are planning on traveling at least 20 miles a day and
possible as much as 28.
	Secondly I've lived in Oregon all of my life and know how bad the
rain can be in June and July.  It would appear that a tent is a necessity
for this time?  I have to two reasons for this: Rain protection and
Mosquito protection.  I don't mind mosquitos, but at night they can ruin a
good tentless night's sleep.
	I figured in August we could get through Washington without a
tent.  It would still take some work, but I think its possible.
	Along the same lines, what is the prevaling wisdom in regards to
camping without a tent?  Is a ground cloth sufficient if we have selected
a good sleeping site or do we need more?

	Good Luck to everyone in '98
	Ryan Hunter

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