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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #407

Blisterfree and the others re:  El Nino and this year on the PCT:
I don't know about any other hikers, but I'll be on the PCT between Campo
and Idyllwild between April 16 and May 1 this year.  I have been in touch
with Pete at the PCT Alliance's e-mail site.  He says he was in the San
Jacintos last week and there was fog, but it looked like snow above 1300
feet.  He suggested that I start a week later than planned.  All other
reports I've gotten in response to my inquiries say this about the first 180
miles:  likely some snowpack in San Jacintos last two weeks in April, but
the snowfall has been lighter than usual.  Lots of water and some new water
sources in Segments A and B.  Avoid camping in Hauser Canyon and Fred
Canyon:  illegals and drug runners (but Ben Schifrin says they'll be busier
avoiding you than you will be avoiding them - I'm skeptical about that).
I'm unfortunately not doing a thru-hike, so can't help with info on other
areas.  I will be trekking from Mt. Whitney to Tuolumne Meadows in late
July - first week of August this year, and would appreciate some info from
those who will be there as to conditions around that time.  Hope this helps.
I don't want to start a "guns in the wilderness" debate by any means, but
does anyone have an opinion on whether or not the personal threat from
lawbreakers on the southern 50 miles of the PCT justifies carrying a handgun
for personal defense (I'm well-trained in the use of firearms, so that's not
an issue)?  I sure don't want to carry one if the threat is small, but one
person posted a message that he had his gear stolen by some scumbag, so I'm

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