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[pct-l] Thunder Chicken

Kahley posted (from rec.backcountry):

>A friend of mine taught me something about packing packs that has worked
>for me.  I roll up my closed cell mat losely and stick it inside my
>internal frame pack and then strech it out into as full a circle as it
>will go and pack everything else inside of it.  It provides additional
>structure for the pack sack and solves the problem of where to put the
>mat, plus providing additional cushioning for the contents.

At the beginning of THUNDER CHICKENs AT hike last year, he briefly joined
the Slackpack Tour.  He was so embarrassed that someone would realize
that he was slackpacking that he used his thermorest to fill up his pack
while we carried the rest of his gear.  Now that is ultralight <g>...


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