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Re: [pct-l] pad tip

> A friend of mine taught me something about packing packs that has worked
> for me.  I roll up my closed cell mat losely and stick it inside my
> empty
> internal frame pack and then strech it out into as full a circle as it
> will go and pack everything else inside of it.  It provides additional
> structure for the pack sack and solves the problem of where to put the
> mat, plus providing additional cushioning for the contents.
> Joyce Cummings

We too found this neat trick during the rains in Washington during last year's 
trip.  Another advantage is that it provides a certain amount of protection 
against the wet for the belonings inside.  

Bob Turner,Coordinator, ALDHA-West
American Long Distance Hiking Association-West
Hikers supporting hikers!

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