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Re: [pct-l] PCT maps

PsndCsr@aol.com wrote

>I know that the forest service publishes maps of the PCT for Oregon and
>Washington (OR -- three maps, WA -- two maps) available through the Pacific
>Northwest Region.  Does the Pacific Southwest region ( ie.  California)
>publish any maps like those?  If they do, how can I get a hold of some?

The OR and WA maps are so outdated and inaccurate that they are not useful
for navigation and the PCTA has stopped selling them for that reason. The
only reliable maps for navigation are the ones in the Guidebooks.

If all you are looking for is area orientation I reccomend tearing pages
out of the DeLorme Mapping "California Atlas and Gazetteer" books. The
trail is marked and is fairly close in most places where the trail route
has been stable for several years. They run about $17 each (2 vols).

DeLorme Mapping: 207-865-4171
ISBN 0-89933-204-8 Nor Cal
ISBN 0-89933-205-6 So Cal
Brick Robbins
San Diego, CA          

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