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Re: [pct-l] re: Reds Mdw Food Drop

In a message dated 98-02-20 11:28:42 EST, kmarlow@ngs.org writes:

<< Thanks Charlie, Kurt and others for the info on the resupply. 

Charlie, you mentioned that the store does not accept mail-in packages, so, if
Kurt had  addressed his package to that store, it wouldn't have been
delivered, or  picked-up at the post office by the store operators? >>

If Kurt addressed the package to the store marked "Hold for hiker" (or
whatever he said), I would imagine the store would have refused to accept the

I tried to find the source of my info about Red's Meadow not accepting mail-in
packages, but couldn't. I don't think that I assumed they would not accept
packages as I drove to Red's Meadow and camped a few days so I would be able
to deliver my resupply parcel to the store in person. I even managed to
backpack to the Minarets from there and snow-camp on the 4th of July '96.

Someone mentioned packing your resupply goodies in a mouse-proof container;
Muir Trail Ranch requires that you use a 5-gal plastic bucket with the handle.
Since I already knew the source for those, that's what I used. The kind folks
at the store took care of disposal for me. (Or, maybe they found a use for it
which is even better.)

BOTTOM LINE: I think the best advice here is to write or call the store and
get their agreement to hold a resupply package if you mail or UPS one to them.
If they agree, I'm sure there will be no problem. If they don't agree, they
probably can list the options for you. I found everyone in the store and the
restaurant to be very friendly and cooperative.

<< I can understand the latter as that would be a tremendous seasonal hassle.
I can imagine it would be just as much trouble for the Post Office. Then, as I
understand it, the options are: have someone hand delivering the package to
the store (other than the post office), or having it held at the Mammoth Post
Office? >>

I agree; I believe those are THE options.

Hand delivery is not so bad. We had a great time exploring the area (Devil's
Postpile, Rainbow Falls, the Red Cone's, Minaret Lake ...). Besides, there is
so much non-backpacker traffic there, trails go every which way. It's a little
confusing, but you will have the time to figure it all out during your short
visit so when you hike thru on the PCT with a backpack, you'll pick the right
trail every time.

Charlie Jones
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