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[pct-l] Re: PLEASE suggest a trail

Some time ago, Bachelor boB wrote:
>        So, we're looking for another trail to hike, with a few qualifiers:
>1) between 150 and 500 miles long;
>2) a complete trail (don't want to hike a portion of a longer trail)
>3) a finished trail (don't want to roadwalk from piece to piece)
>        Those 3 items eliminate the AT, PCT, CDT, AZT, PNT, IAT, NCT, and
>FT.  Can anyone suggest another?

There have been a lot of suggestions (and I'm not sure about your time
frame), but you might also want to consider The Canol Heritage Trail in the
NWT. It's almost certainly the wildest trail in North America, but can be
done in perhaps three weeks or a month. I was talking to an acquaintance
from Yellowknife a few weeks ago, and there is apparently way more interest
in the trail this year than in years past, but usually fewer than 30 people
do it in any summer.
The scenery is spectacular, the solitude is wonderful, the bears are wild
and so not inured to people (but there are a lot of them). There are no
resupply points, and no way of getting supplies other than an airdrop, but
that's part of the planning. Only two significant rivers to swim across
If you're interested, there was an article a few years ago in (probably,
this is from memory) Backpacking magazine, or you can write to the
historical centre in Norman Wells, NWT for a free booklet (send a SASE or
include an international reply coupon if you're not Canadian). For those
with a decent atlas, the trail runs from across the MacKenzie River from
Norman Wells in the NWT to where it meets the end of the road just east of
Ross River in Yukon.

R J Hayes
Devon, Alberta, Canada

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