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[pct-l] Resupply towns

My Belden experience was pleasant, it was just Quincy that wasn't the gem.
Everyone in Belden was indeed nice and friendly.  This is why I mentioned
avoiding Quincy, because I had bad experiences there.  Then again, I loved
Sierra City, and some people had bad experiences there.  So it is all up in
the air for the most part.  On the whole trail, Quincy was my only real bad
experience, so it sticks out in my mind the most.

Belden is a great place, and hey, it is one of the few places on the PCT you
can hop 10 feet off the trail and be standing in front of a beer cooler!  I
really enjoyed Sierra city too.  The food was pretty cheap too, dollar pints
of ice cream, $2.50 burgers, cheap soda pop.  In Sierra City I met Bob, Bob
is the one that appears in Cindy Ross' PCT book.  Bob is quite a work of art
indeed, funny guy.

Someone mentioned Echo Lake Resort.  I spent most of my time in South Lake
Tahoe, staying in a $20 a night motel next door to a Sizzler  (All You Can
Eat).   However, everyone seemed pretty nice to me at Echo Lake Resort,
despite stories I've heard.  The store is pretty expensive (bring an axe to
cut off your arm as payment).  I heard one reason they are annoyed with
hikers is that many hikers were opening their boxes in front of the store.
This holds true for Sierra City too. (They have a sign on the benches,
asking you to not open up your PCT boxes there).  But this should be common
sense for all resupply stops....open up your boxes away from stores and post

Everyone will have different experiences on the trail, which is why hiking
the trail is so wonderful.


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