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Re: [pct-l] Re: PLEASE suggest a trail

> From: Bachelor boB <palm@soleil.acomp.usf.edu>
> Subject: [pct-l] PLEASE suggest a trail
> 	OK, with ice storm damage and its usual condition in
> April/May/June, the Long Trail seems to be out for our timeframe --
> 	So, we're looking for another trail to hike, with a few qualifiers:
> 1) between 150 and 500 miles long;
> 2) a complete trail (don't want to hike a portion of a longer trail)
> 3) a finished trail (don't want to roadwalk from piece to piece)
> 	Those 3 items eliminate the AT, PCT, CDT, AZT, PNT, IAT, NCT, and
> FT.  Can anyone suggest another?

I don't know a lot about the following trails (just picking them out of a
book, here), so I can't say for sure how much roadwalking they might have,
but they seem to fit your time frame (some would be a bit cold and perhaps
snowy, but since you were considering the Long Trail...).

The Arizona Trail would be good weather-wise for your time frame, but I
think it's too long (can't access the Web at the moment, but I believe they
have a site).

The Oregon Coast Trail is about 360 miles long - I believe they have a web
too. The trail is sometimes on the coast and sometimes inland. Could be very
nice at the time of year you're looking at.

The Ouachita National Recreation Trail is 225 miles, west-central Arkansas.
The address I have is Ouachita Nat'l Forest, POBox 1270, Hot Springs, AR 71902

The Ozark Highlands Trail is 168 miles, runs the lenght of the Ozark Natl
Forest in northwest Arkansas.. The address I have is Ozark Nat'l Forest,
POBox 1008, 605 W Main, Russellville, AR 72801

The Ozark Trail, planned for 500 miles, was still under construction in 1992
- I don't know the current status - in Missouri, running from St Louis to
the Arkansas border, will connect to the Ozark Highlands Trail. Address:
Missouri Dept of Natural Resources, Ozark Trail Coordinator, PO BOX 176,
Jefferson City, MO 65102

Lone Star Trail, in east Texas, 140 miles, longest hiking trail in Texas.
Early in your time frame is a good time to hike this trail. National Forests
in Texas, Homer Garrison Federal Building, 701 North First Street, Lufkin,
TX 75901

Sheltowee Trace Trail, 257 miles, runs the length of Daniel Boone Natl
Forest in eastern Kentucky. Dan'l Boone Natl Forest, 100 Vaught Road,
Winchester, KY 40391

Mason-Dixon Trail - 204 miles, runs from southern PA through MD, into
Delaware (!!), and then back into PA. Mason-Dixon Trail System, c/o John &
Marie Pittenger, 143 Devonshire, Wilmington, DE 19803

Allegheny Trail - 270 miles, in West Virginia. West Virginia Scenic Trails
Assn, POBox 4042, Charleston, WV; 25304


Karen Elder
P.O. Box 20093
Albuquerque, New Mexico
87154 USA

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