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[pct-l] ice axe

>Can anyone recommend a lightweight ice axe for self-arrest use?  We
>are planning an early-July hike of the JMT this year.  We know we need
>to bring something, but it (hopefully) will not actually be needed.

There are some 12-oz. (claimed) all-aluminum models:  the Camp/Lowe HL250, 
the Cassin Dragonfly.  Grivel also makes one, but Camp High will not
import it as it's not recommended for ice.  Grivel does make a lightweight
chrome-moly head axe fairly light, about 15 oz., the Air Tech Racing.
Marmot Mountainworks (sorry, do a search for their web page, or find it 
from http://www.isomedia.com/homes/clindsey/contents.htm#top) carries
at least one of these.  Mountain Tools in Monterey CA carries the 
Cassin, or can order it.  

Rick Howard

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