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[pct-l] New version of PCT Planner Online!

After a marathon programming stint last night, I have a new version of the
PCT Planning Program online today.  There are still some minor things that
need a little tweaking here and there, but I wanted to get the new version
online before all the '98 hikers hit the trail.


The main addition to this version is a very cool option that will display a
cross section graph of your selected PCT hike.  The program gives you
options as to how you want the graph to look.  You can cram all 1,938
datapoints (Mex-Canada+Whitney) onto one graph, or spread them out over
multiple graphs.  All of the resupply points are labeled, etc.  Soon I will
be adding an option to let you change the size of the actual graph, since
some comptuters run at different screen resolutions, etc.  The program still
needs a little work on the data labels, but like I said above, I don't know
when I'll have time to make them look perfect...but the current ones should
suffice for now.

If you haven't seen a cross section graph of the PCT, they are pretty cool.
It makes it easy to see why the High Sierras take longer to do, and why you
can basically fly across Oregon.  The drop from Fuller Ridge to I-10 and
back up to Big Bear City always gets a lot of comments from people.  (I have
a 6 foot version of the graph on my wall).  Though it is possible to print
the graphs from the program, I would suggest purchasing the graphs made by
Ben Go, available through the PCTA.

This new version is basically the same as the old version, with the
exception of the graphing option.  I did change a few cosmetic things here
and there that were tacky and annoying me.  Oh well, time for a nap.

Please email me if you have any questions or comments.


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