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[pct-l] Re: Rice Brothers Advice

charliethorpe@worldnet.att.net (Charlie Thorpe) wrote:

<< I would eat my 4 packs of instant grits or instant
oatmeal and then would wake Tony up when the water was hot for his 6 packs. >>

I would love to know how many packets you had to carry if you were eating this
amount.  I attempted an AT thru hike last year, and by the time I got to
Virginia I was eating 4 packs of grits each morning - could have eaten a
couple more if I had them.  By that time I could resupply about every 3-5
days, and even at that rate, I usually had to buy a couple boxes of grits.
Also, it was difficult to carry enough pop tarts to feed my cravings.  Just
wonder how you did it on the PCT.

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