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Re: [pct-l] Why Lone Pine?

In a message dated 98-01-14 23:22:58 EST, BLISTERFREE@delphi.com writes:

<< What is the advantage to resupplying in Lone Pine over Independence? ...
Jardine says nothing about Lone Pine.  >>

Jardine who?

<< ... Independence would be the more logical choice for even distribution of
food pounds through the Sierra, as it divides the Kennedy Meadows-Tuolumne
section roughly in half. >>

Even distribution of food weight IS a point to be considered. 

<< Can anyone describe the off-PCT hike to a likely hitchhike point for
Independence?  >>

The trail from the PCT to Onion Valley, is 9 miles (including up and over
Kearsarge Pass). Then one must hitchhike 15 miles to Independence.

The trail from the PCT to Horseshoe Meadows is 3-4 miles (depending on which
of the 3 trails you use), and all downhill. Then you have to hitchhike to Lone

Horseshoe Meadows is also the trailhead to/from the Golden Trout Wilderness
which might increase the vehicular traffic and improve one's chances of
getting a ride.

Good luck,
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