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[pct-l] Re: Why Lone Pine

BLISTERFREE@delphi.com asked "Why Lone Pine?" and suggested that since Ray
didn't talk about it, it must not be a good place to stop.

First off, I think it is much easier to get from horseshoe meadows (the
trail pass trailhead) to Lone Pine than it is to get from Onion Valley to
Independance, but of course much of that is just pure luck.

I think the main reason through hikers stop in  Lone Pine is because it is
a full fledged town, with markets, hotels, restraunts and sporting goods
stores. Independance is merely a wide spot in the road. Not much there.

FWIW, The folks at the airport/greyhound station sell rides up to Whitney
Portal from town, so I assume they would also give a ride to Horseshoe
meadows. That might be an option for some folks.

from http://www.gorp.com/pcta/jmt.htm:

"In Lone Pine the Greyhound Bus stop is at the airport about 1 mile south
of Whitney Portal Road. There are showers and camping available at the
airport and they also will provide transportation to Whitney Portal for
US$15 per person (minimum 2). Call 760-876-4700 for more information and
reservations for the trailhead shuttle. "
Brick Robbins
San Diego, CA          

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