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Re: [pct-l] Why Lone Pine?

One option people aren't mentioning is hiking straight through to Vermillion
Valley Resort on Lake Edison from Kennedy Meadows. I personally had planned on
Independence/Lone Pine until I thoroughly checked the options. I'd rather
carry the extra few days food, and stay out in the hills then drop so much
elevation and wait for rides to town and back. That's a lot of extra time,
i.e. days, too. I carried 11 days food, planning one day for Whitney and back
to the PCT. I did it all in 9 days. Yes, that pack weight was horrible the
first few days, but lugging around all that water in the desert was good
practice! It really depends if you'd rather see all the town stops along the
way, which can be a lot of fun, though a hassle, or spend more time out there.
Just have your mailing options flexible in the Sierra range.
Happy training '98ers!
I'll be off the list for awhile, looking for a new home,...
Jeremy Wilson
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