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[pct-l] Hiking poles

Hiking poles really come into their own on the Appalachian Trail.  Here,
it's always up and down, and steeply so, with slippery roots, rocks, and
deciduous leaf matter ad infinitum.  You're afforded better balance,
a means of conveyance spread over four appendages (as in climbing), and
an easier time of it on the knees.  However, when the AT flattens out, I
make much better time just putting one foot before the other, sans poles;
which means I either slow down to accomodate my arms' desire to swing at a
slower rate than my legs', or I stow the poles and accept their extra pack
While the AT never really flattens out, the PCT, it would seem, does.  If
stock were in mind when the grading was laid out, then that sounds like
"flat" by AT standards.  Hence, no poles for me on the PCT.  Upper body
workout?  Eh, maybe I'll do 30 push-ups each night before bed.  Snake
brutalizer?  Leaving them alone sounds like a kinder idea.  Creek fording?
Early on, Ray's "find your nearest stick" approach sounds good...
Maybe I'll ship the poles to Kennedy Meadows for the snowbound Sierras, and
their more difficult and numerous (?) creek fords.  Other than that, it just
seems like extra weight.
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