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[pct-l] Making Hiking Poles last!

I just tried to send a note on saving the tip of your hiking pole and
something didn't go right so I will try again.

I have an old ski pole that I have used for years.  Its great cost 25
cents at a yard sale and has boot string size rope on the shaft which is
useable and good for handling.  On both my pole and ice axe I have added
a brass spent 45-70 cartridge to protect the tip.  The cartridge can be
had for under a buck at some gun shops.  Any good brass pipe that fits
over the tip will work. I have found that a 45-70 cartridge fits right
over a ski pole type tip and will last for about 1000 miles of hard
hiking.  It works fine in mud or rock. to keep it on I use duck tape. 
The point is after more than ten yeas of use the tip on my pole is as
good as new.  Wish I could say the same for the handle.

I also enyoy having a small ball compass on the handle which I can hold
out in front of me as I am hiking and see general compass points without

I would be very interested in other creative budget ideas that improve
ones day afield.

Happy Trails,  Mikel

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