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[pct-l] re: Stealthily as I go...

BlisterFree wrote:

>>>   Who can report favorable results camping at stealth sites in the
Parks through which the PCT travels, while sleeping with food in their
tent or tarp?
Who can report less favorable results?   <<<

never have slept with food in yosemite, even stealthily i wouldn't want to
try it!  having said that, the only problems with bears i and friends have
had along the pct in yosemite are in lyell (?) valley between donohue pass
and tuolumne, and north of tuolumne for about ten miles in the valley that
leads down to glen aulin high sierra camp.  both of these areas are heavily
used, hence the attraction to bears.

on the tahoe-yosemite trail (coincident with the pct in yosemite), our
first night was north of glen aulin.  we were visited twice by momma bear
and two cubs as they went down to and came back from the high camp.  she
was very persistent the first time, jumping on the branch trying to
dislodge the food, but it held, and our noise finally drove her away.  next
morning we found some pretty fearsome claw marks on trees higher up the

once well north of glen aulin, in the "washboard" of northern yosemite,
bears were not a problem - no sign whatsoever, without even stealth
camping.  we did hang our food every night, tho.  however, i feel this is
more luck than anything else.

also, fyi, this was in late july, about 3-4 weeks after most pct hikers
have passed thru.

ke kaahawe AT92 TYT94
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