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[pct-l] winter purchase

hey '98ers, last summer one of the drinks I enjoyed most was powdered apple
cider. I never found it in bulk, for it was always in those little packets of
1 serving each. Alpine was the maker, though I've seen it from other companies
for more money. Anyway, last spring, before I started the trail, my roommate
and I went to costco and to our horror they had stopped carrying it and said
that it was considered a winter item. Costco got a letter of complaint, and
naturally did nothing about it.
Anyway, the apple flavoring goes a long way for improving the taste of some of
the water out there, and is a refreshing change from the gatorade-type mixes.
Less salt, same sugar and plenty of Vitamin C. And as in the winter, or the
high sierras, it's wonderful HOT!
Just a tip!
Happy New Year
Jeremy Wilson
PCT '98
oh, if you load up on it, in the towns, pour all the contents of the separate
packets into one small ziploc. Gargage is a nusiance out there, too. On a
similar note, Gatorade sometimes comes in a small orange container with a
screw-on lid. Bob Betz used it as his cereal bowl and drink mixer, since he
was drinking out of a little platypus bottle thingy bag. It's very light and
can be used to rehydrate things for dinner, though it's not totally leak
proof. hope this helps.
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