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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #341

Greg --

     A sextant or backstaff is not necessary to "navigate" the PCT.  I used my
neck ID chain as a plumb line to sight and identify zenith stars.  This while
lying in my bag at night identifying constellations, etc.  A hiker who wanted
to play with this could carry a good star map and use a longer plumb line, aka
bear line, to improve accuracy.  

     My crude shot of Vega was in error by about 80 miles, which wasn't as
good as I had hoped, but it's an interesting exercise.  Also adds to the
appreciation of the night-time sky.     A star at the zenith has the same
declination as your latitude.  An error of one degree will put you off by
about 60 miles.  

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