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Re: [pct-l] Stealthily as I go...

>Registered camping in designated campgrounds and campsites would 
>likely be the only legal option, correct?

The Yosemite website specifies existing, well-used campsites that 
don't break rules such as minimum distance from water (100') and road 
(1 mile).  

It also specifies using one of a list of precautions (canister, box, 
hang from cable or branch) to protect food from bears.  Bears around 
Yosemite are now prepared to "saw" off branches to get hung food 
(happened to me in '96).  And to air condition your bag and take your 
food (Opinion:  Sure if one's camp is stealthy enough this probably 
won't happen.  But, it does not seem ethical to me when visiting the 
bear's home to do anything which could cause him to be destroyed by 
the authorities [to say nothing of the risk of the bear shredding a 
down bag].  So, I wish much success to the poster who is developing a 
lighter canister!)

Happy trails,
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