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Re: [pct-l] need info

At 3:56 PM -0600 11/16/97, George Summers wrote:
>I am planning a "98 thru on the PCT and
>need advice.I plan on a tarp

For a tarp here is some suggestions from an AT thru-hiker

"I have used as small as a 5'x7', up to an 8'x10'.  The 5'x7' was a
little small to be comfortable, It was difficult to keep equipment under
it with me, and you had to pitch it low to keep rain out, but it was
light (1.7 lbs for tarp, ground cloth, line, stakes).  I like the 8'x10'
size, roomy, and you can keep it higher off the ground (weight, 2.25 .bs
for tarp, ground cloth, line, stakes).  If you plan on spending many
nights under the tarp, I'd go for the 8'x10' tarp.  If it's just a
backup for when you can't hit or fit into a shelter, maybe a smaller
size.  The 5'x7' is pretty tight, maybe a 6'x8'."

>where I will switch to a tent

for a very light weight ground cloth cover ( or tarp )
try tryvek  it is very light here are some 800 numbers.
suggest you put it through wash cycle twice before using to fade out
any writing by mgf !

Good luck on your hike