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[pct-l] need info

I am planning a "98 thru on the PCT and
need advice.I plan on a tarp and my old 20* bag till I get to Kennedy
where I will switch to a tent and new 20*
bag and get my ice axe.Will I be warm
enough and not bothered by bugs if I plan this way?I can sleep in
clothes if need be.
Also,what is the most water I will have to
carry? The worry over water seemed to be
a common thread on all the journals I have read.
  Resupply-since I live sooo far from the trail,what is the best way?? I
thought of
buying on the trail at the bigger towns and
sending the excess ahead in my drift box.
I plan on lite wt.boots for the whole trip.I
have heavy boots but did not seem to need them while on the AT-95.Any
suggestions appreciated,e-mail me or put
it on the list for I know others will be asking the same questions
-Thanks .

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