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Re: [pct-l] Ankle brace?

Kevin wrote
> I have a question for the group related to this.  Like Kevin I want
> also to start hiking more in running shoes......but my right ankle twists
> easily (and usually does).   High-tops, be they boots or sneakers, for
> unknown reasons cause pain in my ankle tendons....on both feet, so for
> ankle support can anyone offer a recomendation of a stiff ankle brace
> can be worn within a sneaker?
> Thanks-
> Kevin #2
> Palmdale CA
> kevin@hughes.net   

I have found several good ankle supports, most of which are small and
lightweight so would not be a hinderance to carry in a pack while doing the
1.   The Kallassy Ankle Support is the most supportive, with nylon-lined
neoprene and straps.  It has a lateral strapping system that prevents an
inward sprain (the most common).
2.   The Perform 8 Lateral Ankle Stablizer is similar in style and a good
3.   The Cho-Pat Ankle Support has a removable Velcro fastener which wraps
around in a figure 9 fashion.
4.   The Cropper Medical Bio-Skin ankle support is a thin Lycra knit outer
layer, a mid-layer thin membrane which wicks moisture off the skin, and an
inner Lycra/fleece layer to lock it against the skin.  A figure 8 elastic
wraps around the ankle. It stretches, grips the skin, and can be cut for a
custom fit.  They also make regular and hinged knee supports.  

The Cropper is the smallest and lightest.  The Kallasy is the most
supportive.  All are available from medical supply stores or from the
manufacturer.  They all can be worn inside a running shoe or boot.  

I can provide phone numbers for anyone interested.  The data is from my

John Vonhof
Author:  FIXING YOUR FEET: Preventive Maintenance and Treatments for Foot
Problems of Runners, Hikers, and Adventure Racers.
http://www.footworkpub.com (check out the book here)
Race Director:  Ohlone Wilderness 50KM Trail Run

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