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RE: [pct-l] need info

Hat Creek, in northern Ca, will be your longest waterless stretch.  My
wife and I carried two days of water.  In So. Ca. San Felipe Ridge is a
long one, about 26 miles.  I hide 5 gallons of water at San Felipe
Creek, one week before we started the PCT.  This was a very good idea,
because we did not have to pump the water in which the local cattle
defecate in.  
One of the hardest sections, water wise, was Jack Fair's house to
Kennedy Meadows.  Every water source was about 20 miles apart.
Therefore, day after day you were walking from one spring to the next.
Many were just a small seep.  In '96 Roger Carpenter had a good idea.
He rented a car from Ford dealer in Mojave and drove all day dropping
off gallons of water for about 8 - 10 thru-hikes.

Tim and Ann
The Ravens  PCT '96

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> I am planning a "98 thru on the PCT and
> need advice.I plan on a tarp and my old 20* bag till I get to Kennedy
> meadows
> where I will switch to a tent and new 20*
> bag and get my ice axe.Will I be warm
> enough and not bothered by bugs if I plan this way?I can sleep in
> clothes if need be.
> Also,what is the most water I will have to
> carry? The worry over water seemed to be
> a common thread on all the journals I have read.
>   Resupply-since I live sooo far from the trail,what is the best way??
> I
> thought of
> buying on the trail at the bigger towns and
> sending the excess ahead in my drift box.
> I plan on lite wt.boots for the whole trip.I
> have heavy boots but did not seem to need them while on the AT-95.Any
> suggestions appreciated,e-mail me or put
> it on the list for I know others will be asking the same questions
> -Thanks .
> Kojac-Flatwoods,Tn.
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