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Re: [pct-l] Stop the use of boots on the PCT

At 10:56 AM 10/20/97 PDT, Mikel G. Edwards wrote:
>Friends,  When I hiked Oregon in 88 I had the wonderful experience of
>hiking part of the way with a guy that had come up from Mexico and he
>hiked without shoes, boots or socks.  It seems only resonable that if

Actually, some areas here in the east (and maybe the west as well for all I
know) have outlawed the use of traditional "waffle stomper" soles on boots.
 The deep lugs apparently tear up the trails more than the shallower, trail
friendly, kind.  

I don't know if the hiking public is quite up to giving up all their
footgear though.  Perhaps we could phase in the idea by first outlawing the
use of any footgear other than running shoes and nylon socks.

-- Jim Mayer
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