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[pct-l] Stop the use of boots on the PCT

Friends,  When I hiked Oregon in 88 I had the wonderful experience of
hiking part of the way with a guy that had come up from Mexico and he
hiked without shoes, boots or socks.  It seems only resonable that if
we can't live with friendly horse folk and we are so completely
concerned with trail damage we should limit the use of the PCT to hikers
that hike without foot coverings,  This will protect the trail.
Just think, how nice it would be.  We could then limit hikers to those
with long legs because they use fewer steps.  I am sure all the
long-legged bare foot hikers will be happy with that.  But what about
the rest of us.  

Your friendly comments are welcome,

Happy Trails,        Enjoy yourself, its later than you think!!

Mikel G. Edwards   ewtrail@ibm.net
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