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[pct-l] A great trip and an amusing thought.......

Just got back from my OR/WA hike on the PCT and have to say I was amazed at
the "quality" of the trail. Thanks to all the trail maintainers who must
have spent literally thousands of hours on clearing all the blowdowns this
year. (Especially those two avalanche fields just south of the border where
the trail switch-backs through the avalanche! - Most north-bounders
probably didn't even notice!)

Got 100 PCT messages to still go through, but I noticed the horse war is
heating up (at a boil?) A comment from Charlie Wood seems appropriate: "If
I have to go 100 yards off the trail to take a crap, and then bury it 6
feet under, why don't those rules apply to horses?" Made me laugh imagining
horse packers stopping every time their horse dropped and burying it, but
then it made me think. Maybe we should all just crap on the trail.......

Thanks again to all for a great summer.


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