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[pct-l] Mt. Whitney / Butch at Vermillion

Fer Starters:

Butch at Vermillllllion Valley Resort...are you still on this list?  Can you
email me?

During my PCT hike last year, I climbed Whitney and spent my birthday at the
summit...plus I had the whole summit to myself.  I did the following.

I picked up my resupply at Kennedy Meadows and hiked a few more miles.  A
couple days later I left the PCT at Trail Pass, and walked two miles down to
Horseshoe Meadows.  From there I hitchhiked 20 miles to Lone Pine and
resupplied.  I wasn't planning on getting a permit or Mt. Whitney stamp, but
I happened to walk past the ranger station so I went in.  They gave me a
permit and stamp, it is good to follow the rules be they Salvage Logging or
Permits :)  

I had 9 days worth of food coming out of Lone Pine.  A day or two later I
reached the turnoff for Whitney.  When I got to Crabtree Meadows I stashed
all of my food in a bearbox, and just took what I would need for one night
up Mt Whitney.  I got to the top and camped, came down the next morning.
Got to Crabtree and picked up my food and was on my way.  Mt Whitney can be
done in a day, but I think it is much more fun to camp on top.  I got to
spend July 4th just south of Forrester Pass, and still was able to see the
fireworks shooting up from Lone Pine.

Regarding clearcuts on the PCT, they are bad all over...but nothing I mean
nothing compared to the I-90 corridor.  (Section i of the Volume 2
guidebook)  Hike the trail why you can.  The trail won't stay the same as
long as we keep consuming trees for useless reasons such as paper; when
there are other alternatives (i.e. Industrial hemp for one, oh
wait....that's illegal we can't do that...DARE doesn't want the kiddies to
get confused between Hemp and THC Marijuana),

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