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[pct-l] Hiking amputees??

The first time I went up to the top of Mt Whitney, comming down I was
resting at the saddle where you cross from the west side to the east
side and I saw this "seasoned" backpacker comming down behind me.  I
thought he would make a good picture so I waited for him.  

It turned out that he was a double amputee below the knees.  He had
ski poles for balance and it took him 3 days to get to the top.  He
said he has to always carry all his gear, even on day hikes, because
he doesn't know if he will be able to make it.

Lost his legs in a car accident, got some money from the settlement
and has been living on that and hiking ever since.

He said he had a friend who was an amputee (I don't remember if it was
one or both legs) who mountain climbs.  This friend had special
telescoping legs with sharp tips on them so he can make his legs
longer or shorter to reach foot holds.

I wish your friend good luck.


Kevin Corcoran writes:
 > Hi All,
 >         Yesterday one of my hiking buddies was in a traffic accident which
 > tragically caused him to lose his left leg below the knee.
 >         This guy has been an ardent backpacker, and has loved hiking the
 > John Muir Trail as much as anything in life.   We hiked the Virgin River
 > Narrows last month in Zion, and had a great time.
 >         Well I know he could probably be outfitted with a new artificial
 > limb, but I'm curious to know if anyone on the list knows anyone who still
 > hikes after such an amputation?  Are there people out there doing trips with
 > artificial limbs?  I'd like to hear about them.
 > Kevin Corcoran
 > kevin@hughes.net
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