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Re: [pct-l] Guidebook, maps


I just had to respond to the 3 part Oregon maps...

At 09:12 PM 9/10/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I seem to remember hearing a rumor that the Oregon-Washington volume of 
>the Wilderness Press guidebook will come out in a new edition soon.  Is 
>this just wishful thinking on my part?  The current edition is 1990.

In the S. Brown Mt shelter's log, there was mention of a 1997
edition of the guidebook having just been published the week before. 
(That was from early August.) The shelter was news to me using 
the 1990 edition. (I also left the 199? inserts at home instead of
carrying them. They might have mentioned the shelter and water pump...)
I was hoping to get this new edition before heading across Washington
next summer.

>2nd question-Here in Oregon we have maps of the PCT published by the USDA 
>Forest Service.  There are three maps for OR and I think two for WA.  

Do not use these maps for Oregon: the PCT is shown on the wrong side
of ridges, as the old Oregon Skyline Trail, etc; distances are wrong
and occasionally missing; details on the maps are horrible (things
like springs and side trails); and probably more but we stopped carrying
them after Jack's Spring. 

My story about Jack's Spring is simple... the trail sign says,
 "<-- 1/2 jack spring." We'd calculated water usage perfectly, 
or rather we made it to the intersection for jack spring completely
out and partially dehydrated. The map in question shows a spring about
1/2 mile off the trail. The map also shows a deserted road going
about 1.5 miles off the trail. (I placed the guidebook maps in the
wrong box and so I could only tell you about things north of Crater
Lake at the time...) The spring was closer to the end of the road
and not the map's (or sign's) "guess" of 1/2. (1/2 of what we asked
ourselves afterwards: 1/2 of the total distance is on the way there 
and 1/2 of the distance is to get back.) The guidebook, as I recall,
did have the map and distance to the spring correct. What I'd like
to add is that there are two holes--one for the bees and one for
the mosquitos. We picked the one with mosquitos.

My hiking partner, Jeff, swore that he'd write to the company if
he ever determined who published the maps.

They make great wall decorations...
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