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[pct-l] Ben Go

On Tue, 9 Sep 1997, YipYap96@aol.com wrote:
Subject: [pct-l] anyone know where Ben or batch is ?

I was wondering if anyone has heard where ben is ? He is on the AT
heading South. I have heard he is beyond the Shenendoahs..?? 


If you're referring to Ben Go, author of the PCT Data Book, he called the PCTA 
office on Tuesday from Boiling Springs, PA in a driving rainstorm.  He was 
planning to spend the night at the Ironmaster's Mansion Hostel in Pine Grove 
Furnace State Park after crossing the halfway marker on the Appalachian Trail 
that same afternoon.  He is in good health and moving along nicely.

Also was wondering if anyone had news about Batch on the PCT ? Last I heard he 
was in the Sierras.. We hiked with him last summer and he is a something 
special, a 73 yr old out trying for the last time....Anyway, nice to be back 
in Oregon but do love the trails...

I haven't heard from/about Batch in a long time.

Joe at the PCTA office

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