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I had a nearly similar experience several years ago.  I sent several
rolls of film to Seattle Filmworks in 1985.  I received two of the four
back.  When I called, their incredibly rude "Customer Service" people
said the rolls had been sent several days earlier.  A few days later
when I called back, the agreed to place a trace on the film.  When I
called back after about a week or more, I was told that the Postal
Service had screwed up, but that by tracing the film through the post
office, the film had been returned to them.  The Seattle post office
later told me that bulk mailed packages (as used by Seattle Filmworks)
cannot be traced.

After not receiving the film for several more days, I called them.  They
said that they had just gotten the pictures/slides back, and agreed to
send it right out to me.  As you would guess, I never got the
pictures/slides.  I doubt that they had ever found it.

I've never used them since.


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