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Re: [pct-l] Trail Diaries

>What are the chances of getting some of the diaries of thru-hikers posted on
>the list.  The list doesn't seem to generate that much traffic otherwise.
> This would
>be easier and more convenient than having to go onto the web for various
>hiker diaries.
>Your thoughts?

I agree it would a great deal easier to read them all in one place. I am in
the process of creating a Hiker's Journal web page for the PCT and JMT
(with the blessing of the PCTA).

I had hoped to have it up and running for the Class of 97, but I was unable
to get permission to collate the journals (You were right, Brick!!).

Several of the folks who are currently posting their online journals have
given me permission to archive their journals when they are finished, but
not put them up as they are undergoing their hikes.

So, the plan is to have the page up for comments in a few weeks, then
publicize like mad for the Class of 98, plus really beg people for their
journals of past years for the archives.  Hopefully we will have a much
better response for next year.

Catherine Middaugh

Lew and Catherine Middaugh   middaugh@best.com

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