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[pct-l] VVR update

Getting online twice in 1 night is pretty awsome for us here at the VVR
esp since its been about 10 days. Maybe things are starting to click.
Anyway we have now seen about 95-100 north bound PCT hikers several came
out for minor medical attention and will resume at Yosemite. I have a
few more messages to type up off line and will try to send them out
Butch & Peggy 
Vermilion Valley Resort
Edison Lake, CA
(a note from Politecat, her words) 
Politecat is now called Tortise. I'm leaving from the VVR to see a man
about my foot(s) They have stopped talking to me. So hopefully I'll be
back on in Tahoe. Hope all are good & having a great summer
Wendy Sulda
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