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Re: [pct-l] Vermilion's e-mail address

Suggest Trying Excite Search engine for look-ups if you can.

Remember to put the full name in quotes
"Vermilion Valley Resort"

The search engine will feed itself this line. the %22 is just the code
for the quotes and it put in the + sign looking for exact fit only.


Try it and get the full particulars on Vermilion Valley Resort

Tom "hikenet" Caggiano

There are numerous search engines links on hikenet including one that does
parrallel multiple searches simultaneously.

At 3:32 PM +0000 6/16/97, Rebecca Kuga (rlk) wrote:
>Greetings to all and the person trying to find VVR on-line,
>Try this one to get to the Vermilion Valley Resort. I saved it from a
>recent e-mail post from Butch.
>Rebecca Kuga
>Fairfax, CA
>         Butch Wiggs <VVR@edisonlake.com>
>Vermilion Valley Resort
>Edison Lake CA
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