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[pct-l] User fees

I have been following the debate on users fees for forests and national
parks that has been apearing here.  I would like to say that I support
funding trail maintenance, but am adamantly opposed to fees.

We are setting a very dangerous precedent with the implementation of fees.
Pretty soon any time we want to set foot on any type of federal property
(which need I remind you we citizens own) we will have to pay a fee.
Imagine having to pay a fee to be able to enter a post office to mail a
letter.  Or a fee to enter the employment development department when in
search of a job.  This may seem far fetched but it IS the direction that we
are rapidly moving in this country.

I support a major restoration of funding from currently collected taxes.
We should be spending our tax dollars on these services for the public
instead of trying to shift funding on a continuing basis to a fee system.

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